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Elizabeth Quay

About Elizabeth Quay Located in the heart of Perth's bustling central business district, Elizabeth Quay is a vibrant mixed-use development project that captures the essence of Perth's stunning waterfront. Boasting an enviable location on the north shore of Perth Water,…

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Perth Zoo

About Perth Zoo Perth Zoo, located in South Perth, Western Australia, is a vibrant and diverse zoological park. Open since 1898, it has seen a wide variety of species come and go and currently houses 164 fascinating animals on its…

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The Perth Mint

About The Perth Mint The Perth Mint is a historic treasure trove nestled in the heart of Western Australia. It was founded in 1899, just two years before Australia's Federation, and was created to refine gold from the gold rushes,…

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Lotterywest Federation Walkway

About Lotterywest Federation Walkway The Lotterywest Federation Walkway is a stunning testament to the power of collaboration between architects, engineers, and artists. The rusted steel finish of the elevated section and glass bridge blends seamlessly with the surrounding trees, serving…

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State War Memorial

About State War Memorial Perth's State War Memorial is a place of solemn reflection and remembrance. Each year on Anzac Day, thousands gather to pay tribute to fallen soldiers and honour those who have served. The Memorial sits atop Mount…

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