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The Decking Perth Specialists

stylish decking with outdoor sofa and potted plants

The Decking Perth Specialists is a company that supplies and installs a huge range of quality decking, railings, and pergolas. The Decking Perth Specialists also offers a variety of outdoor structures for homes and commercial properties in Brisbane and Perth.
We have been active as a company that supplies and installs an extensive range of high-quality pergolas, railings, and decks for several years now, paying attention to clients’ needs to provide top-notch service that includes practical advice on all matters connected with external structures. That is why The Decking Perth Specialists is considered one of the best companies on the topic at present due to its expert knowledge in this area.


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    What is the importance of building a deck in your home?

    Having any type of deck built in your home is a great decision, especially if you are fond of hosting outdoor get-togethers with families and friends. It makes entertaining more fun, exciting, and memorable. Decks also improve the value of your home since many real estate buyers today see decks as bonus features that add to the overall appeal of the property.

    Different types of decks that we make


    Carports are structures that are commonly used for outdoor vehicle storage. These structures are weatherproof and can protect cars, boats, or any other vehicles from rain, snow, hail, wind gusts, and direct sunlight. If you want your car to be safe while not in use, opt for a custom-made carport that is made to fit your needs.


    We also ensure that your outdoor looks good by building a patio. Patios are commonly made out of concrete, Vekaplast floor planking, natural stone, or bricks. Outdoor patios allow you to relax and enjoy the fresh air while having a meal al fresco or while entertaining guests. You can even use them for exercise or yoga sessions..


    Pergolas are outdoor structures that are used for providing shade. They are commonly made out of wooden planks, metal beams, or even steel. You can use them to cover walkways or driveways so that you can safely cross the area without being exposed to too much sunlight or rainwater.

    Pool decks

    Pool decks are outdoor spaces around the pool area that allow one to walk and relax. They can be made out of smooth and polished tiles, flagstones, or even bamboo. You can use these areas as an extension of your pool area by placing tables and chairs for you to sit and enjoy your morning coffee or evening cocktails.

    A wooden patio
    A wooden deck
    An open pergola
    Plants growing on a pergola
    A composite deck around a home

    How much does it cost to build a deck?

    How much you pay depends on several factors such as size, the material used, type of design chosen by the client, lighting system installed. If you decide to use glass or hardwood, expect to pay more. You should also consider the following:
    • Does it require permits? If yes, expect to pay more.
    • What are the support beams made of? For instance, if you want to use teak wood, don’t be surprised if it costs more than using jarrah or pine.

    A wooden verandah

    Why hire professionals to build your decks

    When you involve professionals in making your deck, you can be assured that the area will be built according to your specifications. That is, they will make a deck that has stairs leading up to it and not on the other side of the building or fence.
    It is also easier for professional companies to do this job because they have all the necessary tools and experience in making decks. They use state-of-the-art technology to make decks so that they are sturdier and built according to Australian safety regulations. Why worry about structural designs when you can leave it to them?

    An open carport

    How to maintain and clean your deck

    The cleaning and maintenance of decks will depend on the material that has been used.
    You can clean them using soap and water for wood decks or use a garden hose to spray down the deck. If you’re going to brush it first, only do so in the morning, as this will prevent sap from sticking onto your decking boards throughout the day. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning your decking as different brands have different pointers on how to clean their products safely.
    To remove stains, make sure you remove as much as possible because they may darken and become set in overtime. Once all traces of stain are gone, scrub until your board is cleaned, then rinse with a garden hose directly onto the surface of the boards.

    Materials used in Decking.

    There are different types of materials used to make decks, and they include:
    Red cedar – can last for many years, but is prone to twisting. It also ages gracefully.
    Western red cedar – needs regular maintenance because it has less resistance to rainwater than other types of wood. It is durable, though.
    Blackbutt – the best type of hardwood that you can use for decks because it does not rot easily and does not warp or twist even after long periods of time without treatment.
    Merbau – one of the most popular choices because it stands up well against pressure and water damage. This type of timber is suitable for extreme weather conditions like heavy rains or freezing temperatures. It’s also resistant to insects.
    Composite decks – composite decks are made of plastic and wood. They are more expensive than traditional hardwood decks, but they’re extremely durable, with a long lifespan.
    Composite decks are one of the newest types of decking on the market because it’s made from recycled plastic. It’s weather-resistant and stands up well against extreme temperatures as well as to frequent wear and tear.

    Why Choose Us?

    At The Decking Perth Specialists, we provide you with Perth pergolas and decks that are high in quality. We follow all the necessary safety measures while constructing these structures so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Making an outdoor space beautiful is our main priority, so we go out of our way to ensure that your outdoor area looks attractive.
    Our team is experienced, and we only hire well-trained and skilled professionals to work with us. We provide you with the best end result possible with our combined efforts and knowledge. From pergolas to decks, wet areas to saunas – whatever your outdoor need is, we have got you covered! At The Decking Perth Specialists, we can construct an outdoor space for commercial purposes as well as domestic purposes. So whether you want a deck for your hotel or a pergola for your house – contact us today!


    When should I clean my deck?

    Cleaning your decking on a regular basis is very important because, over time, sap, dirt, food particles, and stains can build up on the surface, ultimately damaging the timber’s quality. Although some products have protective coatings that won’t allow water penetration, this will eventually wear off throughout time so it’s always best to clean your deck regularly.

    Does a deck add value of my home?

    According to The National Association of Realtors, decks and patios increase a home’s value by 2.1%. So even though it might not be the main reason you want to clean your deck, just think about how much more value you’ll add when it comes time to sell!

    How can I clean my deck?

    The best way to effectively clean your deck is by using a soft scrub brush and a natural cleaner such as Pine-sol or Lysol. An effective cleaning solution would be made up of 1/4 cup of cleaner mixed with 1 gallon of water.

    What days do you work?

    We can work most days of the week, including evenings and weekends at no extra charge!

    Which materials are the best for building decks?

    The best materials to use for outdoor decks are cedar, pressure-treated pine, or redwood. If you have an existing deck, but your boards need replacing, we can help! Come take a look at our wide variety of different wood types and styles at affordable prices.


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      The Decking Specialists in Perth

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